BLS Food Dry bulk food transportation

BLS Food

At Bulk Logistic Solutions (Food) Ltd. we realise the importance of efficient, hygienic food transportation. That is why we offer leading food producers a specialised bulk food-only service. Bulk Logistic Solutions are ideal for essential bulk food transportation such as sugar, beans, rice and cereals, where zero contamination is essential.

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BLS Chemical Dry bulk chemical transportation

BLS Chemical

Bulk Logistic Solutions (Chemical) Ltd. is a intermodal dry bulk logistic service provider. We own and operate a fleet of 30 ft. and 40 ft. pressurised dry bulk silo containers and we guarantee a European wide coverage for dry bulk commodities within the chemical, petrochemical, starch and mineral industries.

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Global Liners Dry bulk liner systems & flexitanks

Global Liners

Global liners, a division of Bulk Logistic Solutions B.V. is a independent supplier of flexitanks and dry bulk container liners with an extensive global network in strategic locations. We ensure our customers and provided with a fast response and efficient service on bulk packaging solutions for non hazardous liquid and dry bulk commodities.

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Van Gameren Transport Specialists in Tank Transport

Van Gameren Transport

Van Gameren Transport is a specialized transport company with many years of expertise and transferred from father to son. Our business activities consist of transporting mainly chemicals and waste. We specialize in short-term planning for the shipping and offshore industry. In addition, we have several trailers that are suitable for many purposes.

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