FIBC bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, made from woven polypropylene fabric and commonly known as Super Sack or Big Bag have a proven record as a professional packaging solution to store and transport dry bulk commodities.

With a capacity range from 500 kg up to 2000 kg, FIBC’s are highly cost effective , easy to handle , perfectly recyclable and an ideal packaging for virtually any free flowing granule, powder, pellet or flake type of product.

Product range

All FIBC’s are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 22000:2005 and BRC Packaging Certification, within a state of the art production facility.

Innovative techniques and qualified personnel synergize to a highly efficient production capacity of 300.000 pcs per month. With a cleanroom and our commitment to hygiene and cleanliness we ensure Food Grade & Pharmaceutical FIBCs which are sanitized and free from dust, germs and pollutants.

Implementation of a Food Safety Management System , traceability systems , in house testing laboratory and with an extensive quality control, we can ensure the highest quality performance.

FIBCs manufactured by us are

  • Regular FIBC
  • Anti-static FIBC
  • Conductive FIBC
  • U panel FIBC
  • Circular / Tubular FIBC
  • Ventilated / Brethable FIBC
  • Bottle Shaped / Pre Shaped FIBC
  • Coated / un coated FIBC
  • FIBC’s with innerliners
  • Certified Food Grade FIBC
  • Dust Proof FIBC
  • FIBC’s with baffle systems
  • Tunnel Lift Loop FIBC
  • Single Loop FIBC & Two Loop FIBC

We offer a wide range of options with our FIBC’s for successful filling and discharging your dry bulk commodities and provide opportunities to customize further with coloured fabrics, printing, labelling and product identification, to meet the specific customer / industry requirements.

FIBC products
FIBC products
FIBC products
FIBC products
FIBC products
FIBC products
FIBC products