Deep sea containers

Due to the growth in EU demand for sugar and other bulk food commodities worldwide, BLS has developed a 20 ft. deep sea container solution.

  • Standard 20 ft. shipping line containers adapted for bulk food commodities with a liner bag and bulk head
  • Therefore smaller bulk volumes can be transported cost effectively and safely
  • Packaging 1/10th of requirement versus shipment of 50 kg bags or big bags
  • Door-to-door solution from the producer’s factory to customer’s silo
  • Cutting down on time in port silos
  • Reduced labour requirement
  • No contamination of product
  • No multiple handling

Deep Sea Container Loading Process

  • Standard 20 ft. shipping line containers will be installed with a food grade liner bag, woven bulk head and restraining metal bars
  • Although 20 ft. shipping line containers do not have any toploading features, they still can be loaded in various ways like with
    - Belt thrower system
    - Loading system with a chute (tipped at 45º angle)
    - Belt conveyor system
    - Pneumatic loading system
    - Loading screw system (tipped at 45º angle)
  • The above loading systems can optimize the payloads of your food commodities.

Deep Sea Container Discharge Process

Discharge is with the exact same high standard as BLS dedicated bulk containers, using food dedicated trailers, dedicated rotary valves and pipe work that connects straight from the deep sea container into the customers own silos - it is clean, safe and cost effective.

Deep Sea Container Liners

For all methods of loading mentioned above, BLS can offer our tailor made liner bags in PE or PP material suitable for shipping line containers, like single/twin spout in-feed liner, drive-in liner and zip front liner. Besides these standard types we can develop and manufacture customized liners to your specific requirements.

Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers
Deep sea containers