Food liners

  • The empty container is delivered to a BLS depot, the old liner is removed and disposed of for recycling
  • The container is then checked thoroughly and cleaned to food grade specification
  • Once passed for use, a new food grade liner is installed by qualified personnel all trained by BLS technical team
  • Once installed, the unique BLS liner number is checked and documented on the BLS liner certificate this will be completed with the BLS container number
  • The unit is then ready for transport by road, rail or vessel to the allocated loading factory
  • The liner can be fitted at customers location if suitable conditions exist

Liner Bag specification

  • Food grade HDPE / LDPE
  • Conforms to: - UK SI Number 1523, - FDA Reg 21 CFR 177.1350 / 1520, - EU 90/128/EEC plus amendments
  • Single trip only
  • Specially designed safety features
  • Integrated sample pouch
  • Integrated venting panel
  • Unique manufacturing liner number
  • Full traceability
  • No floor tape used – easy to clean floor


  • All BLS depot employees and drivers are carefully selected and interviewed
  • Drivers are assessed through multiple discharges, loadings or liner installations and only passed as trained once our technical managers are satisfied with their competency
  • Each driver and depot employee is issued with a drivers ID and handbook as reference to their training
  • Each driver and depot employee is subject to spot checks during any operation on behalf of BLS
  • Any failure from the spot checks will be investigated and, if required, retraining will follow
  • A full list of approved drivers is available for auditing in the BLS head office at any time
Food liners
Food liners
Food liners
Food liners
Food liners
Food liners